Financial Aids

ㆍFinancial aids include all the support from the course and research works.
ㆍStudents can find the aids from fellowship, assistantship, and grants.


Double recipient allowed
No upper limits for the aids
Performance incentives: The aids can differ depending on the academic achievement of the students.


Internal: Supports from the university and department
External: Supports from the government and outside organizations


The aids from the course/research works or part-time administrative jobs
2023 guideline for assistantship (monthly)
(Unit: Won/Month )

Support for tuition Support for living Total
Master program 831,000 581,000 1,412,000
831,000 1,070,000 1,901,000
※ The specific amount can differ depending on the research group

Other Grants

All aids other than fellowships and assistantships