▣ Prof. Hyoung Seop Kim, Iljin Academic Award from Korean Institute of Metals and Materials
 Prof. Hyoung Seop Kim of POSTECH MSE received the Iljin Academic Award for his academic achievement as he developed a theory about mechanical properties based on metallic microstructure and deformation mechanism. The award was granted at the fall academic conference of the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials held on October 27 at the BEXCO in Busan. 
 The Iljin Academic Award is presented by Iljin Group’s Chairman Chin Kyu Huh and given to a researcher who shows excellence in research and significantly contributes to the advancement of science and engineering.  
▣ Prof. Hyoung Seop Kim and Prof. Sei Kwang Hahn, Shinhan Diamond Poster Award

 A joint research team of POSTECH MSE received the Shinhan Diamond Poster Award (Presentation Award) at the spring academic conference of the Korean Powder Metallurgy Institute held in Gyeongju.
 The team presented a paper on the mechanical properties of pure titanium aneurysm clips produced through high-pressure torsion. 
 The paper concluded that aneurysm clips made out of pure titanium through the process of high-pressure torsion have enhanced suitability and mechanical properties, attracting interest from the audience.  
 The research was jointly conducted with Seung-mi Baek and Ho-yong Um (academic advisor: Prof. Hyoung Seop Kim), Ho-Sang Jung (academic advisor: Prof. Sei Kwang Hahn), and Jae-chan Park of Kyungpook National University under the guidance of POSTECH MSE Prof. Hyoung Seop Kim ad Prof. Sei Kwang Hahn.
▣ Prof. Sung Hak Lee, MMI Paper Award from Korean Institute of Metals and Materials

 Prof. Sung Hak Lee received the MMI Paper Award at the 2016 spring academic conference of the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials held on April 29 at the Hwabaek International Convention Center in Gyeongju. The Paper Awards of the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials are given to the authors of the best papers among those published in the Korean Journal of Metals and Materials, Metals and Materials International (MMI), and Electronics Materials Letters (EML) for the past two years. 
▣ Prof. Sei Kwang Hahn, Gold Medal from National Research Council of Thailand

 Prof. Sei Kwang Hahn of POSTECH MSE received a gold medal at the 2016 Bangkok International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition, held from February 2 to 6 to celebrate Thailand Inventors’ Day. He was recognized for developing Medicurtain®, a new adhesion inhibitor made out of hyaluronic acid and hydroxyethyl starch, in collaboration with Shinpoong Pharmaceutical Company.  

▣ Prof. Sei Kwang Hahn, Presidential Award from Korea Invention Patent Exhibition.

 Prof. Sei Kwang Hahn of POSTECH (President: Doh-Yeon Kim) in the department of Materials Science and Engineering developed the post-surgical adhesion inhibitor Medicurtain® in collaboration with Shinpoong Pharmaceutical Company (President Ryu Jei Man) and the new invention received the Presidential Award (the highest prize) from the 2015 Korea Invention Patent Exhibition on the 26th. 
 Prof. Hahn’s team presented the technology used for Medicurtain® that is made from hyaluronic acid and hydroxyethyl starch and prevents post-surgery adhesion, and garnered interest from the audience at the 2015 Korea Invention Patent Exhibition held by Korea Intellectual Property Office and Korea Invention Promotion Association.
 Surgical patients have a risk of suffering from adhesion after surgical procedures such as open abdominal surgery, laparotomy, and hysteroscopy and, an adhesion can lead to complications including small intestinal obstruction, intestinal perforation, and chronic pelvic disease. To prevent such problems, adhesion prevention measures have to be taken. 
 The research team observed through animal testing that highly viscoelastic hyaluronic acid that is biocompatible and effective in treating scars can build physical barriers, and that hydroxyethyl starch effective in preventing coagulation and inflammation can prevents adhesion within tissues.
 In the clinical trial conducted afterwards in the largest scale in Korea, the safety and superior anti-adhesive effects of Medicurtain® were proved from the 213 patients who had a hysteroscopic procedure due to uterine myoma in six hospitals including Severance Hospital, and 91 patients who went through a laparotomy in three hospitals including Asan Medical Center.
 The sales of Medicurtain® are expected to exceed 4 billion won for 2015, and the annual sales are expected to soar to 10 billion won within a few years. 

 As the product’s patent has been registered in the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, China and Europe, Medicurtain® is highly likely to be successful in the global post-surgery anti-adhesion market amounting to 4.5 trillion won. For its release in the European market, Medicurtain® obtained the CE mark, and export negotiations are in progress with 18 countries including the United States and China. 
 Prof. Hahn’s team has been conducting joint research projects with Shinpoong Pharmaceutical Company to develop nanomedicinal products from biomaterials since 2006, and Medicurtain® is the first commercial product from the industry-academia cooperation. Also, a hyaluronic acid hydrogel filler for joint lubrication and plastic surgery has been developed in collaboration with the Shinpoong Company and going through a clinical trial, and its commercialization is expected by 2018. 
 Prof. Hahn said, “Through the complementary collaboration between POSTECH and Shinpoong Pharmaceutical Company, we are going to successfully develop world’s top-class hyaluronic acid products.”

 The 2015 Korea Invention Patent Exhibition, to be held until the 29th at the Convention Exhibition Center (COEX), is the most prestigious invention exhibition in Korea where superior inventions and new technologies are awarded to promote the technological advancement of the country.  

▣ Junhyuk Park and Min Chul Jo, Best Oral & Poster Presentation Award

Junhyuk Park (academic advisor: Prof. Jong Kyu Kim) and Min Chul Jo (academic advisor: Prof. Sung Hak Lee) won awards at the 15th Joint Symposium on MSE for the 21st Century held from August 28 to 31 (four days and three nights).

Junhyuk Park received the Best Oral Presentation Award, the Gold Prize, for his presentation titled “Polarization-Engineered High-Efficiency III-Nitride-based Light-Emitting Diodes Optimized by Genetic Algorithm,” and Min Chul Jo won the Best Poster Award, the Silver Prize, for his poster titled “Tensile Property of TWIP-cored three-layer steel sheets.”


▣ Noho Lee, Scholarship from Kwanjeong Educational Foundation

Noho Lee (academic advisor: Prof. Jong Kyu Kim) was selected as the recipient of the Kwanjeong Educational Foundation Scholarship on July 14. 
 The Kwanjeong Educational Foundation was established on June 23, 2000 by Jonghwan Lee, the honorary president of Samyoung Chemical Group, with a purpose to foster the world’s top-class talents, especially from science and engineering fields, towards producing Nobel Prize winners. 
 One of around 100 recipients of the scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students across the country, Noho Lee, as a graduate student, is expected to receive a total of 22 million won for four semesters after initial enrollment. 
▣ Won-Mi Choi, Poster Award from CALPHAD International Conference

 Won-Mi Choi (academic advisor: Prof. Byeong-joo Lee) received the Poster Award at the CALPHAD 2016 International Conference. The Award is given to the top three among 100 papers presented at the Conference, and Ms. Choi presented the paper titled “PB17: Prediction of Martensite Start Temperature and Type of Martensite.”

▣ Jae Young Pyo, Best Paper Award from the Korean Radioactive Waste Society.

 Jae Young Pyo (academic advisor: Prof. Jong Heo) was selected as the winner of the Best Paper Award in the category of radioactive waste removal and management for the paper on tellurite glass firming agent for technetium-99m deposition, which was presented at the last year’s fall academic conference of the Korean Radioactive Waste Society. The award ceremony took place during the 2016 Spring Academic Conference held from May 25 to 27 at Hyundai Hotel in Mokpo.

▣ So-young Ahn and Himchan Cho, Awards from the 27th IC ME&D

 Himchan Cho (academic advisor: Prof. Tae-Woo Lee) received the Young Scientist Award, and So-young Ahn (academic advisor: Jang-sik Lee) won the Best Poster Award with her paper “Anode Interfacial Modification using Self-doped Conducting Polymers for Efficient Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes” at the 27th International Conference on Molecular Electronics and Devices.
▣ Hong-gyu Seo, Best Poster Award at the 3rd Korean Graphene Symposium

 Hong-gyu Seo, a MSE student (academic advisor: Prof, Unyong Jeong), received the Best Poster Award at the 3rd Korean Graphene Symposium held by Korea Graphen Research Society. The title of Mr. Seo’s paper was “Direct Growth of Graphene-Insulator Bi-layer Structure on Substrates.”
▣ Sangheon Lee, Samsung Paper Award from Korean Conference on Semiconductors

 Sangheon Lee, an MSE student (academic advisor: Prof. Hyun Sang Hwang), won the Samsung Paper Prize at the 22nd Korean Conference on Semiconductors. Winning the award, he was recognized as a promising talent who will contribute to the academic and technological advancement in the field of next-generation memory semiconductors. The Samsung Paper Award is given to the lead author of an excellent paper published in the conference’s academic journal. 
 Mr. Lee’s paper was titled “Selector-less ReRAM with an Excellent Selectivity by the Tunnel Barrier Engineered Multi-layer Titanium Oxide and Triangular Shaped AC Pulse.”
▣ Wan Jae Dong, Eun-Koo Lee, and Jae Yong Park, Bronze prize and Participation Prize from the 22nd HumanTech Paper Award

 Three MSE students received prizes from the 22nd HumanTech Paper Award.

 The HumanTech Paper Award was established in 1994 and this year’s winners were announced in February 2016. A total of three MSE students (two Bronze Prizes, one Participation Prize) were named. 

 The Bronze Prize winners are Wan Jae Dong (Physical Devices, academic advisor: Prof. Jong-Lam Lee) and Eun-Koo Lee (Basic Science & Technology, academic advisor: Prof. Byeong-joo Lee), and the Participation Prize winner is Jae Yong Park (Materials Science & Process, academic advisor: Prof. Jong-Lam Lee). 

▣ Hyeon Han and Seung-yang Heo, Best Poster Award at the 12th Joint Symposium on Dielectrics

 Hyeon Han and Seung-yang Heo, the MSE doctorate students under the academic guidance of Prof. Hyun Myung Jang, received the Best Poster Award each at the 12th Joint Symposium on Dielectrics. Seung-yang Heo presented a paper on metal-insulator phase transition observed on NdNiO3 film-deposited PMN-PT substrate, and Hyeon Han’s paper was on the development of a new low-band gap, double-layered ferroelectric solar cell and enhanced light absorption and photoelectric current.
▣ Doo-yeol Lee and Ji-hyun Moon, Grand Prize from National Startup Idea Contest

 The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Minister: Sang-jik Yoon) and Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (President: Jae-Hoon Chung) held an award ceremony for the 5th National Youth Startup Idea Contest on the 26th at Maison Glad Jeju in Jeju. The Contest was established to promote creative ideas and technological ventures among undergraduate and graduate students and to give a boost to the economy. 
 The Grand Prize went to POSTECH’s team Dudeurim (fine dust-preventing nasal spray) and Yonsei University’s team Gran (ALD equipment and production process). The Best Prize winners are Dongguk University’s team GINA (walking assist device using initial condition reset) and Incheon National University’s team Gredoo (TANGLE: a drawer in your hands). The Runner-up Prize was given to Chonnam National University’s team CUBE (RFID-based child teaching aid Tic Tag Talk) and Chonnam National University’s team AllRice (Rice-based high value products and bake mixes). Among the prize winners, four teams had an investment signing ceremony with the University Technology Holdings Company. 
▣ Dong-hyuk Seol, Participation Prize from National Policing Idea Contest

 Dong-Hyuk Seol, a POSTECH MSE undergraduate student, received the Participation Prize from the National Policing Idea Contest jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and the National Police Agency. His idea titled “What Connects Us, Smart Crime Prevention Guards” proposed an application that sends your location information to the crime prevention guards in proximity when you shake your smartphone in danger of falling victim to a criminal activity. The idea was intended to shorten the time taken until the police were dispatched and effectively prevent missing the culprit and evidence, and presented the prize by the president of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology. The award ceremony was held on November 18 during the inaugural meeting of the Public Order Research Forum.
▣ Hyun-do Hwang and Gyeong-won Ha, Participation Prize from 2015 College Student Invention Contest

 Hyun-do Hwang and Gyeong-won Ha, the MSE undergraduate students, received the Participation Prize from the president of Korea Invention Promotion Association at the 2015 College Student Invention Contest. The largest nationwide invention contest for college students were jointly sponsored by Korea Intellectual Property Office and The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies and held by Korea Invention Promotion Association. A total of 4,284 cases of invention ideas were submitted from 127 universities, and the MSE students won the prize for their idea “super hydrophilicity-using urinal.”

▣ Sung-Yong Min, Gold Medal from the 11th Samsung Electro-Mechanics Best Paper Award

 Samsung Electro-Mechanics (CEO: Yun-tae Lee) announced that it held an award ceremony for the 11th Samsung Electro-Mechanics Best Paper Award at the company’s headquarters in Suwon on the 30th of the last month. The Samsung Electro-Mechanics Best Paper Award has been annually held by Samsung Electro-Mechanics since 2005 to foster excellent talents and support their research activities.
 Students from 33 universities and 40 departments entered the competition on six fields, Materials Technology, Device and Process Technology, RF Technology & Software, Fundamental Technology, and Manufacturing Technology. A total of 300 paper abstracts were submitted, and gold, silver, and bronze medals were given to the authors of the selected 12 papers. The gold medalist was Dr. Sung-Yong Min of POSTECH whose paper “Low-temperature processed core-shell conductive nanowire for flexible wire electronics” was recognized for its excellence. 
 Kang-hyun Heo, the director of Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ research center, “We hope this event to grow into the world-renowned, prestigious academic competition. We will keep providing our enthusiastic support to new talents.”  
▣ Seok Su Sohn, First Prize from Korean Institute of Metals and Materials

 Dr. Seok Su Sohn, a researcher of POSTECH MSE, won the first prize at the 1st Ferrous Technology Solution and Idea Contest held by the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials, and received 50 million won of prize money. Also, he donated 5 million won out of the prize money to the MSE development fund. 
 Dr. Son proposed an economical way of maximizing strength and malleability of ferrous materials in his paper titled “Development of ferrite-austenite dual phase lightweight steel using TRIP and TWIP steels.”