MSE News
▣ POSTECH-Tohoku University Exchange Program

 POSTECH-Tohoku University Exchange Program was held in Tohoku University, Japan, with a total of 70 participants including 27 undergraduate students and 2 professors (Prof. Moon-Ho Jo and Prof. Junwoo Son) from POSTECH MSE, and 41 undergraduate students and professors from Tohoku University, from Friday, September 9 to Sunday, September 11, 2016, for three days and two nights. The participating students teamed up and delivered group presentations on academic, industrial, and cultural themes, and through the variety of academic and cultural activities, the students could strengthen the friendship between the two universities. 
 Beginning in 2001, this exchange program has been held annually to deepen students’ global perspectives, and the next event will take place in POSTECH. 
▣ Ko Jun-shik Scholarship Presentation

 Hyojin Yoon in MS-PhD integrated program (academic advisor: Prof. Junwoo Son) was selected as the recipient of Ko Jun-shik Scholarship, which is exclusively given to MSE students, and the scholarship presentation ceremony was held on Wednesday, September 7. Mr. Yoon was recognized for his great academic and research performance as he published a paper as lead author in Nature Materials and registered two domestic patents. 
 Ko Jun-shik Scholarship was established with the fund donated by the family of the late Ko Jun-shik (former president of POSCO) in honor of his intention. It is annually awarded to an academically excellent MSE student to provide financial support and encourage research activities. 
▣ 2016 Joint Symposium

  The 15th Joint Symposium was held by POSTECH MSE from August 28 to 31 for four days and three nights at the Dream Center in Gyeongju. This year, four universities (POSTECH, KAIST, Tohoku University, and Tsinghua University) from three countries (Korea, Japan, and China) participated in the event. 
 The Joint Symposium is an annual event where seven universities from four Northeast Asian countries including Korea, China, and Japan share academic achievements and promote research activities since 2003. This year, 18 professors and 46 graduate students participated and delivered 20 oral presentations and 23 poster presentations. In addition to the academic exchange, the participants had a Gyeongju and POSTECH campus tour to promote cultural communications as well. 
▣ Summer Science and Engineering University Campus Tour

 The Summer Science and Engineering University Campus Tour was held on July 27 and 28 for two days. 

 A total of 59 applicants (31 on the 27th, 28 on the 28th) who were interested in MSE had an information session on the MSE department (30 minutes) and looked round the MSE laboratories (90 minutes) to get familiar with the MSE research areas and motivated to gain admission to the department.

POSTECH holds this event for high school students from all over the country to lead the science and engineering education of young talents. Promising high school students who are interested in science and engineering are invited from all parts of the country and have opportunity to broaden their views and understanding on their interest areas. 

The previous winter event took place on January 7 and January 13 with 60 participants (35 on the 7th,, 25 on the 13th). 

▣ Career Information Session for Juniors and Seniors

 An information session was held on May 3 to share concerns with and provide help to MSE juniors and seniors who are exploring their future career possibilities. 
 Including the students in their third or fourth year of the undergraduate program and faculty members, around 40 MSE members attended the session. Department Chair Prof. Jong-Lam Lee opened the event with his address, and it was followed by students’ self-instructions. 
 After an introduction to the department, a Q&A, and a discussion on career or academic issues, the participants had a group dinner and kept having talks on broader topics. 
▣ Iljin Group Chairman’s Visit to POSTECH MSE

 Iljin Group’s chairman and officials visited POSTECH MSE on Thursday, April 14. Six executives including Chin Kyu Huh, Jung-sik Ko, Ki-jun Kim (Chairman, Management Consultant, Assistant Manager of Iljin Group, respectively), Jae-myung Heo, Jong-ho Ryu, and Jung-won Park (CEO, Senior manager, Senior Manager of Iljin Materials, respectively) visited the POSTECH campus and met with POSTECH President Doh-Yeon Kim, MSE Department Chair Prof. Jong-Lam Lee, and 7 MSE faculty members. With an aim at establishing joint research projects, the Iljin Group’s delegation had a tour of the department’s facilities, and an information session on the department’s research areas and technological achievements. This visit is expected to promote research collaborations between the two parties. 
▣ POSTECH Commencement Ceremony, MSE Degree Conferment Ceremony

 After POSTECH Commencement Ceremony on Friday, February 19, the MSE Degree Conferment Ceremony was held on the same day on the first-floor lobby of the Science Building #1 in front of the MSE department office. A total of 71 MSE students (including those graduating in September) including 25 doctorate, 11 master’s, and 35 undergraduate students received congratulations from the faculty members, families and MSE students present in the ceremony. 

 At the POSTECH Commencement Ceremony, a total of 773 students, including 268 doctorate, 183 master’s, and 322 undergraduate students, received a degree. Seok-hyun Hong, the Chairman of JoongAng Ilbo and JTBC, won an honorary doctorate, becoming the fourth recipient of such degree at POSTECH. 

 The POSTECH Founder’s Award, which is awarded to the undergraduate valedictorian, was given to Min-gu Kang of Department of Physics (academic advisor: Prof. Yoon Hee Jung) who recorded a GPA of 4.21. As this award went to a science major, the Board of Chairman Award was automatically awarded to the top-ranking engineering major student, Young-gyu Kim (academic advisor: Prof. Dong Sung Kim) of Department of Mechanical Engineering with a GPA of 4.11. 


 The Hogil Kim Award, made after the name of the first POSTECH president and granted to a graduating student who contributed to the development and honor of the university, was given to Cho-yeop Kim of Department of Chemistry. Mr. Kim, despite his hearing difficulty, excelled at writing and won prizes at many writing and idea contests. Last year, he made headline by winning the Korea Talent Award. 


 Sung Kee Chung Paper Award for a science major and Kun Soo Chang Paper award for an engineering major, which are granted to graduating students who published a top-class doctorate dissertation, were respectively given to Oh Youn Kim (academic advisor: Prof. Yong Song Gho) of Department of Life Science with her dissertation “Genetically engineered bacterial protoplast-derived nanovesicles that mimic exosomes as targeted drug delivery system,” and Boseok Kang (academic advisor: Prof. Kil Won Cho) of Department of Chemical Engineering with his dissertation on organic semiconductor molecules and thin films and their charge-transfer properties. These two awards are funded by the donations of former POSTECH President Sung-kee Chung and Emeritus Professor Kun Soo Chang and have been ten years since their establishment. 

 POSTECH President Doh-Yeon Kim said in his speech, “Unless you give up your goals on your own, you never fail,” and added, “I’m sure you’ll stir up vitality into the current society where many are discouraged to set goals and work to realize them.” Also, he asked the students to “become not the leaders who pursue private interest, but the leaders who make difference in the world and share what you achieved with the society.” 

▣ Early College Life Experience Camp

  On January 15 and 16 for two days, the new students for 2016 participated in the early college life experience program. The future students were invited to the campus and had an opportunity to get familiar with the MSE building, the dormitory, Yeonji restaurant, and Gigok Community Center in advance. This program gave them pride and a sense of belonging as an MSE student and helped them satisfy their curiosity about the materials science and engineering. Among the future freshmen who didn’t decide their major and applied for this program, a total of 18 students joined in. 
  On the first day, the program consisted of an information session about the department, a Q & A with professors, a campus tour, a banquet with professors, and a recreation time with the MSE students. On the second day, the participants had conversations with the MSE students about college life, and with lunch at the student restaurant, the program was wrapped up. 
 While meeting with the MSE professors and students, the future freshmen had a chance to know about the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and have a prior experience as an MSE student. 
▣Alumni Seminar & Research Encouragement Award Ceremony

 An alumni seminar titled "Frontiers of Advanced Materials 2016" was held on Friday, January 8, at the conference hall of the POSCO International Center for the MSE graduate students, with invited lecturers who are MSE alumni and professors at other universities. By inviting alumni to their alma mater, the seminar was intended to boost the morale of the department’s members and give pride to them, as well as discuss about the latest research trend and future career opportunities and strengthen ties between the alumni and students. With the opening address by Department Chair Prof. Jong-Lam Lee, four alumni, Prof. Sang-koog Kim of Seoul National University (PhD in 96, academic advisor: Prof. Yang Mo Koo), Prof. Byung Mook Weon of Sungkyunkwan University (PhD in ‘08, academic advisor: Prof. Jung Ho Je), Prof. Jeong Min Baik of UNIST (PhD in ’06, academic advisor: Prof. Jong-Lam Lee), and Prof. Sang-yong Shin of Ulsan University (PhD in ‘09, academic advisor: Prof. Sung Hak Lee) delivered presentations on their latest research. After the presentations, the alumni and the graduate students had conversations about the present and future of materials science and engineering moderated by Prof. Woon Jin Chung of Kongju National University (PhD in ’01, academic advisor: Prof. Jong Heo). About 190 alumni, students and faculty members attended the successful event, and more such events are planned to be held. 

 On the same day, the award ceremony for the 2015 Research Encouragement Award for MSE Graduate Students was held at the Grand Ballroom of the POSCO International Center. The Award was established to promote research activities and motivate the researchers in participation of the BK 21 Plus Project, and four kinds of awards (Best Paper Award, Patent Award, Encouragement Award, and Excellent Post-Doc Award) were conferred with a research grant and award certificate. The participant of the "Frontiers of Advanced Materials 2016" seminar also attended and joined this award ceremony for sharing research achievements. 

 The Best Paper Award is given to the lead author of the best paper on the general materials science or specialized fields published in the same year. This year, three teams and five persons, Min-Ho Park (academic advisor: Prof. Tae-Woo Lee), the team of Min-Ho Park, Su-Hun Jeong, and Himchan Cho (academic advisor: Prof. Tae-Woo Lee), and Ju Young Ham (academic advisor: Prof. Jong-Lam Lee), received the Best Paper Award. Min-ho Park was recognized for two papers including the one titled “Flexible lamination encapsulation” that he published as lead author. The team of Min-Ho Park, Su-Hun Jeong, and Himchan Cho were recognized for their paper "Overcoming the electroluminescence efficiency limitations of perovskite light-emitting diodes" that they published in Science as co-lead authors. Also, Ju Young Ham was recognized for multiple papers including the one titled "A Challenge Beyond Bottom Cells: Top-Illuminated Flexible Organic Solar Cells with Nanostructured Dielectric/Metal/Polymer (DMP) Films" published in Advanced Materials. 
 The Patent Award was given to Do-hee Keum, Min-Ho Park and Ji-Yong Woo for their patents registered overseas. The Excellent Post-Doc Award, eligible for PhD candidates who are expected to graduate in upcoming August or February of the next year, was given to Sung-Yong Min (academic advisor: Prof. Tae-Woo Lee) for his superior research achievements including 17 papers, 11 patents, and 6 awards. The prize winners presented their research outcomes in front of the audience of 190 alumni, graduate students, and professors, and contributed to boosting the academic motivation of the MSE students. 
▣ Information session on MSE curriculum for unified undergraduate students

 The information session on MSE curriculum was held for 2015 class students at the first-floor lobby of the MSE building on December 7. 
 A total of 71 students who didn’t decide their major, 25 MSE freshmen, and the faculty members attended this session. With Prof. Sei Kwang Hahn, in charge of undergraduate student administration, as the moderator, the event included an opening address of the Department Chair, an introduction to the professors, a Q & A, an introduction to the MSE student association, and a tour of the undergraduate laboratory. Later, the attendees had a chance to converse with the professors at the lobby in front of the MSE office and get to know about the department. 
▣ The 1st MSE Undergraduate Students’ Day

The MSE Undergraduate Students’ Day was established and celebrated on November 14.

 In celebration of the Day, a variety of events were planned and conducted reflecting the opinions of undergraduate students.

 MSE alumni were invited to have talks with students on the future career and vision. The annual MSE Undergraduate Academic Award was granted to students who achieved great academic performance. “Talk with Professors” provided a chance for frank and sincere conversations between students and their professors. And “MSE Night” was held in the D’medley restaurant on the second floor of POSCO International Center to successfully wrap up a series of the celebratory events.    


 A total of 77 people including 55 students, 11 faculty members, and 6 alumni participated in the events held on the first floor conference hall and second floor D’medley of the POSCO International Center. Among MSE alumni, Ho Wan Jang (Professor, Seoul National University), Yong-joo Kim, Doo-ri Kim, Byung-Gab Lee, Dong-hoon Kim, and Sung Hoon Woo were invited and delivered speeches on college life, students’ concerns, and career choice and had conversations with the attendees. 

 At the MSE Undergraduate Academic award presentation ceremony, award certificates and plaques were granted to 57 students including 7 valedictorians and 13 salutatorians who showed superior academic performance in 2014 2nd and 2015 1st semesters. The award presentation helped enhance academic atmosphere and motivate aspirations among undergraduate students.

 During “Talk with Professors” and “MSE Night,” students continued to share their concerns and worries about studying and career with faculty members.