Donations for MSE Development Fund
▣ Donations for MSE Development Fund
  During the period from January to October 2015, a total of 49 people donated 48,720,000 won for the development of the department. All your support will be greatly appreciated and your donations will be a valuable resource for MSE development. Donations and donors are as follows. (Donations from a higher amount; names in the order of Korean alphabet)

 ≫ 10 million won or more ≪
Jung Ho Je (faculty): 33,000,000 won

 ≫ 1 million won or more ≪
 Chul-ho Lee (alumnus):        3,000,000 won;   Hanil Machine Inc. (Company):  2,000,000 won;
 Chan Gyung Park (faculty):  2,000,000 won;   Jong Heo (faculty):                      2,000,000 won;
 Hyun-rae Cho (parent):        1,000,000 won;   Ju-yeong Ham (alumna):             1,000,000 won