Faculty News
▣ Prof. Byoung Woo Kang: Promoted to Associate Professor (September 1, 2015)

≫ Research Topics ≪
· Development of active materials for lithium ion batteries
· Novel materials of lithium ion batteries
· The beyond of lithium ion batteries for energy storages

· 2009. Ph. D, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
· 2003. B.S., Seoul National Univ.

 Professional Experiences 
· 2011. 8-Present, Assistant Professor, MSE, POSTECH
· 2009-2011. 7, Postdoctoral Associate, DMSE, MIT
· 2003-2009, Ph. D, DMSE, MIT
· 2003, Student Researcher, Seoul National University
▣ Prof. Unyong Jeong: Appointed as New Associate Professor (May 1, 2015)

≫ Research Topics 
· Understanding the nucleation and growth mechanism of nanomaterials
· Development of new materials or critical advances of current materials for next generation electronic devices
· Combining organic and inorganic materials to attain synergistic properties
· Creating customer-designed electronics with multifunctions

· 2003. Ph. D., POSTECH
· 2000. M.A., POSTECH
· 1998. B.S., POSTECH

 Professional Experiences 
· 2015–present, Associate Professor, MS&E, POSTECH
· 2010–2015, Associate Professor, MS&E, Yonsei University
· 2006–2010, Assistant Professor, MS&E, Yonsei University
· 2003–2005, Post-doc, Department of Chemistry, University of Washington, Seattle
▣ Prof. Hyoung Seop Kim

 Prof. Hyoung Seop Kim of POSTECH Materials Science and Engineering has achieved excellent research outcomes and been actively working as a fellow of numerous academic societies. He was elected as a member of Mechanical Behavior of Materials Committee, which is part of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, and Editorial Board of Journal of Materials Science. He was also named as the vice president of the academic committee at the Korean Powder Metallurgy Institute for 2016 and 2017.
 The Materials, Metals & Materials Society is an American academic society in materials science and boasts its massive size with 10,000 participants from 6 continents and 70 countries every year. 
 One of the most prestigious international academic journals, Journal of Materials Science was created in 1966 and has been publishing papers on the properties of engineering materials. It deals with a variety of engineering materials including metal, ceramic, polymer, electric and composite materials, and as of 2014, its impact factor recorded 2.317 as an important journal in the field of materials science.
▣ Prof. Tae-Woo Lee: Selected as Associate Member of The Korean Academy of Science and Technology

 The Korean Academy of Science and Technology (President: Dr. Sung Hyun Park), Korea’s prestigious elite academic society in science and technology, announced the list of its new members for 2015 and held 2015 New Member Nomination Ceremony at 4 pm on January 9 in the Academy’s building located in Budang-gu, Seungnam City, Gyeonggi-do. 
 The list of new Fellow Emeritus Members for this year includes Prof. Tae-Eog Lee of KAIST Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering (policy research), Prof. Jongil Park in the department of mathematical science of Seoul National University (natural sciences), President of Samsung Electronics Kim Ki-nam (engineering), Prof. Young-Hee Kang in the department of food science and nutrition of Hallym Univeristy (agricultural and fishery), and Prof. Kyong Soo Park of Seoul National University College of Medicine (medical sciences).
 New Associate Members include 9 young researchers in science and engineering including Prof. Eunnyeong Heo of Department of Energy Systems Engineering at Seoul National University.