MSE News
▣ POSTECH-Tohoku University Exchange Program.

 This year, 28 undergraduates and 2 professors of Tohoku University visited POSTECH and a total of 60 people including MSE students and faculty members participated in POSTECH-Tohoku University Exchange Program. The exchange program was held for three days and two nights from Saturday, October 3 to Monday, October 7, 2015. 
 The program consisted of a POSCO tour, cultural and academic forum, seminar, and visit to historic sites in Busan, and provided an opportunity for students from both universities to build up friendship and broaden their views. This annual exchange has been jointly organized since 2001 by POSTECH MSE and Tohoku University’s Department of Metallurgy, Materials Science and Materials Processing, and it will be held at Tohoku University next year.  
▣ Ko Jun-shik Scholarship Presentation

 Kim Jeong-gi in MS-PhD integrated program (academic advisor: Prof. Hyoung Seop Kim) was selected as the recipient of Ko Jun-shik Scholarship, one of the scholarships for MSE students only. Prior to the beginning of the department’s regular seminar on Wednesday, September 2, the scholarship presentation ceremony was held. Kim proved his outstanding academic and research achievement with the publication of over four papers as lead author and co-author and patent registration and won the scholarship.
 Ko Jun-shik Scholarship was established with the fund donated by the family of the late Ko Jun-shik (former president of POSCO) in honor of his intention. It is annually awarded to a MSE student who excels at study and research to provide financial support and encourage research activities. 
▣ Mentorship Seminar Series 'Women in Materials Science'

 As part of Mentorship Seminar Series, “Women in Materials Science” took place on May 29. This event is annually held to provide mentorship to female MSE students who are soon-to-be engineers and scientists. This year, Prof. So-jung Park of chemistry at Ewha Womans University was invited and had a conversation on college life and career with students under the theme, “Balancing between Many Roles of Women.”
 Prof. So-jung Park is in the department of chemistry and nano science and conducting active research in the field of nano materials. She received her Ph.D. at Northwestern University in the U.S. and served as an assistant and associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2013, she became a professor at Ewha Womens University. Having obtained recognition for the excellence of her research on self-assembly of nanoparticles and functional polymers, she won a variety of awards including Nobel Laureate Signature Award for Graduate Education in Chemistry, NSF career award, ARO young investigator award, and Camille Dreyfus Teacher Scholar Award.
▣ Meeting with MIT Prof. Craig Carter


 Prof. Craig Carter of MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering visited POSTECH on May 29, made a tour of the campus and POSCO, and had a meeting with MSE faculty in the department’s building. 
 After the introduction of the department, the attendees discussed about joint research projects and the formation of a peer review committee, and shared their opinions about personnel and academic exchange between the two departments. Prof. Carter is specialized in computational material science and energy storage and currently a POSCO Chair Professor at MIT
▣ 2015 Parents Invitation Day

 2015 Undergraduate Students’ Parents Invitation Day took place on May 2 and parents shared their opinions on study and career of their children. A total of 170 attendees including 97 parents and 49 students had a welcome dinner at Yeonji Restaurant in Gigok Community Center and the main session began in the auditorium in the POSTECH Information Research Laboratories building with a welcoming speech by the department chair. 
 After the introduction of the department, parents had a Q&A time where they could be informed on what they had been curious about, and they moved to the MSE building to meet professors for each class. The MSE faculty members provided consultation on future career development and campus life and suggested customized solutions for individual students through Q&A. 
 As the participants toured around the campus where their children live and study including the MSE Undergraduate Laboratory and Tae-Joon Park Digital Library, the event was wrapped up. 
 The Parents Invitation Day began in 2012 and this was the second time. Parents have expressed great satisfaction with the event, and it has been growing into a meaningful event where parents are informed on the campus life of their children. The event is planned to be held every other year. 
▣ Newly-Established MSE Undergraduate Laboratory and Integrated Administration Office

 As part of the university-wide project to grow into a world-leading university, laboratory buildings were renovated and research environment was improved. MSE Undergraduate Laboratory was created to ensure safer and more convenient educational environment (216 square meters, 14 types and 15 items of experiment equipment, a fund of 180 million won), and its facilities are planned to be gradually extended.

An integrated administration office for both MSE department and affiliated research centers was established to improve the efficiency of administrative procedures, and the space within the department’s building was rearranged to secure more space for each research team’s seminar, regular classes and student activities drastically improving academic and research environment. 

▣ MSE Donation Notice Board

 MSE Donation Notice Board was set up on the wall of the lobby in the MSE building, which is Science Building #1 that connects the Administration Building and Hogil Kim Memorial Hall. 
 Metal-framed photos of those who donated over 100 million won (Former POSCO President Byeong-hee Ko, Emeritus Prof. Sunggi Baik, Prof. Jong-Lam Lee), those who donated over 30 million won (Prof. Jung Ho Je), and those who donated over 10 million won (Hanil Machine Inc., Prof. Chan Gyeong Park, Prof. Hyun Myung Jang, Emeritus Prof. Jin-chul Jung, Prof. Jong Heo) are posted on the board. Silver hardboard-framed names of those who donated over 3 million or 1 million won will be also put up to honor the donors and further encourage donations. 
 As of February 2015, MSE Development Fund has accumulated to approximately a billion won thanks to donations from 120 MSE members. The fund is used for Ko Jun Shik Scholarship (annually awarded to a graduate student), MSE Scholarship (annually awarded to two undergraduate students), and Prof. Sunggi Baik’s Special Lecture Program. 
▣ 2014 MSE Degree Conferment Ceremony


 2014 MSE Degree Conferment Ceremony was successfully held on February 13 in the martial arts court on the second floor of POSTECH Gymnasium (the place allocated for MSE) with graduating students, families, the faculty members and current students in attendance. The university-wide commencement took place from 10 am for two and a half hours and MSE Degree Conferment Ceremony was followed to confer degrees to 20 doctoral graduates, 10 master’s graduates, and 23 bachelor’s graduates. The faculty, parents and students offered their warm congratulations to the graduating students who were going into the society or higher education.