Alumni News
▣ MSE Alumni Dr. Jeong-min Baek and Dr. Ho Won Jang, Samsung Future Technology Support Program

  POSTECH MSE Alumni were selected as recipients of Samsung Future Technology Support Program.

Dr. Jeong-Min Baik (enrolled in ‘97; BS in ’01; MS-PhD in ‘06) was selected on August 28 as the researcher who will conduct research on ’charge pump based flexible artificial lightning generator’ in the energy storage and harvesting section, which is one of the ten research assignments designated by 2014 Samsung Future Technology Support Program.

Energy harvesting is the technology that scavenges energy and convert it into electric power.

For the second half of the year, Dr. Ho Won Jang (enrolled in ‘95; BS in ’99; MS in ‘01; PhD in ’04) was selected as a beneficiary of the same program for a general assignment in materials technology category with the theme of ‘self-activated photoelectrodes for solar water splitting based on large-area single atom-layered p-n junctions.’


The Samsung Program is to nurture future technologies in broad three categories including basic science, materials technology and creative ICT (information and communication technology) with a fund of a trillion and 500 billion won for ten years.

The application for general assignments is available online around the year and the recipients are selected twice a year. But the researchers for designated assignments are picked once a year. To apply for the first half of the next year, the submission needs to be sent by December 19 and document screening is scheduled in January 2015.


Dr. Jeong-Min Baik finished the undergraduate and MS-PhD integrated courses (academic advisor: Prof. Jong-Lam Lee) in POSTECH Materials Science and Engineering department, and was appointed as professor at UNIST in 2010. Dr. Ho Won Jang also had education at POSTECH MSE from undergraduate to Ph.D. courses (Academic Advisor: Prof. Jong-Lam Lee) and has been working as professor at Seoul National University since 2012.

▣ Alumnus Dr. Chul-Ho Lee, Appointed as Assistant Professor at KU-KIST Graduate School

 MSE Alumnus Dr. Chul-Ho Lee (enrolled in ‘99; BS in ’05; Ph.D. in ‘11) was appointed as assistant professor at KU-KIST Graduate School of Converging Science and Technology on March 1, 2014. Dr. Lee completed undergraduate and Ph.D courses in POSTECH MSE, and served as postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Physics and Chemistry of Columbia University in the United States from October 2011 to February 2014. He published his great research outcomes on properties and applications of low-dimensional semiconductor nanomaterials in prestigious academic journals including Science, Advanced Materials, and Nano Letters. Recently Dr. Lee published a paper on the properties of photoelectrons in atomically thin, two-dimensional p-n junctions in the most prominent journal in nanotechnology, Nature Nanotechnology.