Faculty News
▣ Prof. Jung Ho Je: Special Lecture ‘Science of a Water Drop’ on YTN Science Channel

 MSE Prof. Jung Ho Je’s special lecture about ‘Science of a Water Drop’ was broadcast on YTN Science channel (program title: ‘Sa-gwa-na-mu’) on Wednesday, October 1, at 10 am.


Scientific principles behind a coffee stain?

Amazing secrets in a tiny water drop?

Marvelous scientific phenomena always happen in our daily life.

POSTECH Professor Jung Ho Je is now going to tell us the scientific story of a water drop.

▣ Prof. Jong Heo: 2014 19th ISNOG in Jeju

 Prof. Jong Heo of POSTECH Materials Science and Engineering organized the 19th International Symposium on Non-oxide and New Optical Glasses, held at Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel with 200 participants from 20 countries for five days form August 24 to 28.


Following the first symposium held in Cambridge, England in 1981 and the latest one in 2012 in Saint-Malo, France, the 19th symposium for this year was held in Jeju island on nine topics including production and properties of non-oxide glass, glass-ceramics and functional glass. In this symposium 90 oral presentations were delivered and 60 poster papers were presented.


The best papers presented at the 19th symposium are planned to be published in the special September 2015 issue of Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids.

▣ Prof. Sunggi Baik: Retirement & Conferment of Title of Emeritus Professor Ceremony and Donation for Nurturing Talents in Materials Science

  The former POSTECH President Prof. Sunggi Baik has retired at the age of 65. He began to work at POSTECH from its early days, conducted research on ceramics for the last 27 years and put great efforts to train students and junior scholars. He not only laid the foundation of the development of POSTECH, but also led the scientific and educational community of Korea with his strong leadership.


The former president obtained his Ph.D. at Cornell University in the United States after education in Seoul National University and while he was working as a faculty member at POSTECH Materials and Engineering department, he published 160 papers on development of high performance ceramics and ferroelectric thin film materials, served as the president of Korean Ceramic Society in 2009. He also contributed to enhance the Korea’s place in the field of ceramic materials as a senior member of the American Ceramic Society.


In addition to his academic achievements, he strived for the university development as he served at a range positions including MSE Department Chair, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Planning and International Relations, Chairman of the Faculty Senate and Provost. Especially from 2007 to 2011, as the fifth President of POSTECH he greatly contributed to raising the global position of the university.


Also for the development of Pohang city and national science and technology, he served as Chair of Steering Committee on High-Tech Science and Industrial Pohang City (2002-2004); a board member of Daegu-Gyeongbuk High-Tech Medical Complex, Medivalley (2010-present); Chair of Planning Committee for World Premier Materials (WPM) Project conducted by Ministry of Knowledge Economy (2010-2011); and Chair of Science and Technology Committee for Presidential Advisory Council on Education, Science & Technology (2011). In 2014, Prof. Baik began to work as Chair of Committee on Structural Reforms of Universities for Ministry of Education.


POSTECH has conferred the title of emeritus professor to the former president in recognition of his contribution to the development of POSTECH from its early history and his service as the mentor in local, higher education, and scientific societies as well as for the faculty members.


At the ceremony for Prof. Baik’s retirement and conferment of the title of emeritus professor, he donated the ‘Sunggi Baik Fund’ of KRW 100 million asking to use it to produce global leaders in materials science.

▣ Prof. Tae-Woo Lee: 26th Overseas Research Program for Professors

 “In the knowledge and information era, the countries that have strong universities lead the world.”


LG Chairman Bon-Moo Koo said that at the Certificate Award Ceremony for the recipient of Overseas Research Program held by LG Yonam Foundation in LG Twin Tower, Yeoui-daero, Yeongdengpo-gu, Seoul on June 30. He also added that, LG has been supported overseas researches in belief that higher education is the solid foundation for national competitiveness.


Established in 1989, LG Yonam Foundation has provided financial support of over KRW 20 billion to a total of 717 professors for 26 years until this year.


Prof. Tae-Woo Lee was selected as one of 30 recipients of the overseas research program, owing to his excellent research outcomes including fast and inexpensive fabrication of graphene nanoribbons, which are expected to facilitate commercialization of wearable devices and flexible displays and the development of a new material stronger than steel using graphite (the main material of a pencil lead). The recipients of the program receive a research fund of 36 thousand dollars for a year and round-trip flight tickets for themselves and their spouses.