MSE News
▣ 2014 Research Encouragement Award for Graduate Students

Research Encouragement Award is presented once a year, and the award ceremony for 2014 was held at the 4th floor banquet hall in the UA Convention on December 23rd.

The 2014 Best New Doctoral Researcher Award was given to two students (Seok-su Son, Tae-hee Han) and The best Paper Award to five students (Yeon-hun Kim, Suji Pak, Dae-seok Lee, Su-bin Lee, Il-yong Choi). The award winners took turns to give award acceptance speech and presentations on their research outcomes In front of about 160 MSE members including the faculty and students who were celebrating the winners. The ceremony gave the students a chance to motivate their research activities and it was followed by Celebration Dinner.

Seok-su Son (MS-PhD integrated course, academic advisor: Prof. Sung Hak Lee) who published 16 papers (10 as lead author, 6 as co-author), and Tae-hee Han (MS-PhD integrated course, academic advisor: Prof. Tae-Woo Lee) who published 11 papers (3 as lead author, 8 as co-author), applied 3 domestic and international patents and received various awards were selected due to their excellent research outcome.

▣ Award Presentation for Excellent Undergraduate Students

The 2014 Award Presentation Ceremony for Excellent Undergraduate Students was held at YeonJi Restaurant in Jigok Community Center on December 9th at six thirty in the evening. The selected students who achieved excellent academic success in 2013 2nd and 2014 1st semesters won the award at the ceremony where more than 80 MSE members including professors, students, and staff attended.

A total of 50 award recipients include 22 students for 2013 2nd semester, 28 students for 2014 1st semester, 6 best students from each class and 8 first-class students. The ceremony attendees celebrated the recipients and all students were motivated for academic activities.

▣ Information Session on MSE Curriculum for 2014 omitted Classes

MSE Curriculum Information Session for 2014 Classes was successfully held at the conference room in POSCO International Center on November 21st, with a total of 50 MSE members including the faculty, freshmen who has not decided their department or selected MSE major, and student representatives. This event provided a chance to introduce the excellence of MSE department to freshmen and started with the opening remark of Prof. Junwoo Son, and welcoming address of Department Chair Professor Jong-Lam Lee, which was followed by Prof. Sei Kwan Hahn’s introduction to the department. Subsequently, the president of MSE student association took the floor to introduce student activities and express what he had felt as a MSE member, and a question-and-answer session was held with the professors to provide helpful information to the students. Also, a dinner was held at D’medley on POSCO International Center 2nd floor, and the attendees had further heart-to-heart conversations in groups.

▣ Safety Laboratory Certification

 Nano Photonics & Optoelectronics Laboratory led by Prof. Jong Kyu Kim is certified as Safe Laboratory from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. MSE department had pushed forward the certification system to raise awareness in laboratory personnel, remove laboratory risk factors, and provide the standard of safe laboratory, and obtained Safety Laboratory Certiification through this.

※ Safety Laboratory Certification System: The government provides certification to science and engineering laboratories of universities and research institutes on their safety management through evaluations by experts, in order to reinforce safety management capability of laboratories, and develop and distribute standard safety models.

▣ Meeting between Undergraduates and Faculty

 MSE Meeting between Undergraduates and Faculty was held to promote their conversations and provide guidance on students’ future careers and concerns. This year, the first meeting was held for seniors and subsequent meetings were followed for freshmen, sophomores and juniors in the order.

Especially held outside of the campus and presided over by Prof. Byeong-Joo Lee, the meeting for seniors under themes of individual career consultation and advancement of the department enabled the attendees to share their four years’ feelings and opinions.

In the freshmen meeting, students had a self-introduction session and built close relationship with the professors, and sophomores in their session took turn to give a three-minute talk on their good and hard experience in college life and their future after 10 years.

In the meeting for the juniors who might have many worries on their future career, the faculty members and students had deeper and more intimate talks.

※ 2014 MSE Meeting between Undergraduates and Faculty was held on June 20 (for seniors), on October 10 (for freshmen), on November 4 (for sophomores) and on November 28 (for juniors)

▣ Emergency Response Training according to Laboratory Emergency Manual

 Emergency Response Training according to Laboratory Emergency Manual was provided on October 16th. The university- and department-wide laboratory emergency manual was prepared and distributed to increase emergency response capability of each department and to promptly deal with any emergency situations. MSE laboratory personnel, safety managers and staff members participated in the training that took place in the Nano Photonics & Optoelectronics Laboratory (led by Prof. Jong Kyu Kim), and received training for how to response to chemical leakage.

The training was composed of 1) assessing laboratory safe risks and applying safety emergency manual, 2) training for simulated emergency conditions (chemical leakage), 3) training for evacuation and safety procedures, and 4) training for using emergency response equipment and wearing protective apparatus.

▣ Ko Jun-shik Scholarship Presentation

 Him-chan Jo in MS-PhD integrated program (academic adviser: Tae-Woo Lee) was selected as the recipient of Ko Jun-Shik Scholarship, one of the scholarships for MSE students, on September 3rd. Him-chan Jo won the scholarship with his excellent academic performance and research activities as he published a paper as lead author and others as co-author and applied an international patent. Ko Jun-shik Scholarship was established with the fund donated by the late Ko Jun-shik, the former president of POSCO. The scholarship has been annually awarded to a MSE student who excelled at study and research to encourage his/her academic development.

▣ Prof. Sunggi Baik’s Retirement Ceremony and Conferment of the Title of Emeritus Professor

 The ceremony for Prof. Sunggi Baik’s retirement and conferment of the title of emeritus professor was held at the 2nd floor Grand Ballroom in POSCO International Center on August 22nd. Over 170 guests including Vice Chairman of POSTECH Board of Trustees Dr. Duk-Yong Yoon, and Provost Prof. Taihyun Chang attended the event. Prof. Sunggi Baik donated a fund of a KRW 100 million fund named after his own name, and asked to use it to nurture global leaders in the field of new materials.

※ For detailed information, please refer to the Faculty News.

▣ Postechian in Materials Science

 The event titled ‘Postechian in Materials Science’ was held at the seminar hall #202 in the MSE building on May 23rd. Prof. Ho Won Jang of materials science and engineering at Seoul National University (POSTECH graduate; BS in ‘99, MS in ’01, PhD in ‘04) was invited to give advice to students on their future career and concerns for the purpose of MSE Mentoring Program. More than 50 undergraduate and graduate students participated in the session under the theme of ’What Is Your Dream?‘ and shared their thoughts. The attendees later gathered in the first floor lobby and had a coffee hour as a follow-up session.

▣ Woman in Materials Science

 The event named ‘Woman in Materials Science’ was held on May 9th with the guest speak, Dr. Hyeon-jung Lee from KIST (POSTECH graduate; BS in ‘01, MS in ’03) and 20 females undergraduate and graduate students.

This event was designed only for female students in order for them to share their common problems and concerns, and discuss more constructive solutions by listening to the past students who might have experienced similar situations before..

This session was proceeded with the theme of Career of Female Students.

▣ POSTECH Materials Lunch Forum

 POSTECH Materials Lunch Forum (MSE Wednesday Forum) started as a faculty-only seminar of MSE in Fall Semester 2013.

During the Wednesday Forum, senior professors who have profound experience in education and research give presentations, and junior professors freely ask questions, in the purpose of promoting the teaching skills of new faculty members and collaborating research between the professors. Beginning November 13th in 2013, the forum has been held once every two weeks on Wednesday, and as of December in 2014, a total of 11 faculty members have hosted the forum.