Faculty News
▣ Prof. Hyoung-seop Kim, Selected as NanoSPD 7th Member & Public Science Lecture at Daegu Metropolitan Jungang Library

 Prof. Hyoung-seop Kim of POSTECH MSE was invited to be the 7th Steering Committee Member with the unanimous approval from the International NanoSPD Steering Committee, the global body of NanoSPD (Nanostructured Materials by Severe Plastic Deformation). The invitation was sent directly from the Committee Chair on April 9.


 On April 4, Prof. Kim delivered a lecture with the title “Titanium, from Weapons to Biomaterials” as part of Public Lecture Series ‘Friday Science Touch’ regularly held in Daegu Metropolitan Jungang Library. The mankind has developed itself using tools and the tools are made with a number of materials. In other words, the development of mankind has been accompanied by that of materials, and metals, especially ferrous materials, among them enriched every corner of our lives. With the recent rapid development of materials engineering, new materials including carbon fiber has been developed and they are even threatening to replace ferrous materials. But the reason that metals are steady used despite of the rise of new materials is that they have defining mechanical characteristics, and titanium is a good example.

The lecture explores the development process of metal materials, and titanium, which is one of the metals that are constantly used to beat newly developed materials, and its application to fighter plane, artificial joints and implants. Further, he introduces the research on how to make a practical use of nanostructured titanium.