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▣ POSTECH 학위수여식, 신소재공학과 학위기 전달식 개최

   POSTECH 학위수여식(2월 19일(금)) 이후 신소재공학과 학위기 전달식이 제1 공학관 신소재공학과 로비에서 진행되었다. 2015년 신소재공학과 졸업생은(9월 졸업자 포함) 박사 25명 석사 11명 박사 35명으로 총 71명으로 행사에 참여한 학과 교수, 졸업생 및 가족, 재학생들이 졸업생들을 축하해 주는 시간을 가졌다.

POSTECH 학위수여식에서는 박사 268명, 석사 183명, 학사 322명 등 모두 773명이 학위를 받는다.
특히 이날 학위수여식에서는 홍석현 중앙일보․JTBC 회장이 POSTECH의 4호 명예박사학위(공학)를 받을 예정이기도 하다.

POSTECH은 학사과정 전체수석에게 수여되는 ‘설립이사장상’에 평점평균 4.21을 받은 물리학과 강민구 씨(지도교수 정윤희)로 결정됐으며 이 상이 이학계열 졸업자에게 수여됨에 따라 공학계열 수석에 주어지는 ‘이사장상’에는 평점평균 4.11을 받은 기계공학과 김영규 씨(지도교수 김동성)가 받는다.

대학의 발전이나 명예를 드높인 졸업생에게 주는 무은재상(김호길 초대 총장의 아호를 딴 상)은 화학과 김초엽 씨에게 돌아갔다. 김 씨는 난청을 극복하고 우수한 글쓰기 실력으로 다양한 과학글쓰기, 아이디어 공모전에서 수상했으며 지난해에는 대한민국 인재상을 수상해 화제가 됐다. 

또 최우수 박사학위 논문 발표자에게 시상하는 정성기 논문상(이학분야)과 장근수 논문상(공학분야)은 ‘박테리아 원형질체 유래 나노베시클을 이용한 차세대 항원 및 약물 전달시스템의 개발’ 논문을 발표한 생명과학과 김오연 씨(지도교수 고용송)와 ‘유기반도체 분자 및 박막 구조와 전하이동 특성에 관한 연구’를 발표한 화학공학과 강보석 씨(지도교수 조길원)가 각각 받는다. 이 상은 정성기 전 총장과 장근수 명예교수가 출연한 기금으로 제정됐으며 올해로 10회를 맞는다.

김도연 총장은 식사를 통해 “여러분 스스로가 목표를 포기하지 않는 이상 실패는 없다”며 “스스로의 목표를 실현하는 과정이 침체되어 있는 이 사회에 생동감을 부여하리라 확신한다”고 강조한 뒤 “개인의 영달을 꿈꾸는 리더가 아닌, 세상의 발전을 위해 공헌하고 자신이 쌓은 것을 사회와 나눌 줄 아는 리더가 되어달라”고 당부한다.
▣ Information Session on MSE Curriculum for 2013 Class of 2013

 MSE Curriculum Information Session for Class of 2013 was successfully held on November 28 at the conference room in POSCO International Center with about 80 MSE faculty members and students. This session became a platform to introduce excellence of the department and for students to have a conversation with professors on their concerns. According to the scheduled program, the student representative (Doo-yeol Lee) presented students’ activities and what they have learned about the department, and Department Chair Professor Jong-Lam Lee gave a welcoming remark and instruction to the department. Having dinner at D’medley (on POSCO International Center 2nd fl.) later, students had time to consult professors in groups.

▣ Award Presentation for Excellent Students

 An award ceremony was held on December 10 at YeonJi Restaurant in Jigok Community Center for undergraduate students who were excellent in academic performance in the purpose of encouraging those students and provide a better academic environment for all students. A total of 37 students (for 2013-1st semester) and 33 students (for 2012-2nd semester) were awarded. The 70 selected students, including 14 freshmen, 16 sophomores, 20 juniors and 20 seniors, were celebrated by other students at the event.

▣ 2013 Research Encouragement Award

 As MSE annually presents research awards to graduate students, this year the award ceremony was held on December 26, 2013 with an audience of 150 MSE members including faculty members and graduate students to encourage graduate students to actively conduct research and publish papers. The Best New Doctoral Researcher Award was presented to Ji-san Lee, Best Paper Award to Seok-su Sohn and Sung-yong Min, Special Encouragement Award to Byeong-chan Suh, and Patent Award to Min-young Lee, Yang-hee Song, Hye-min Kim and Do-hee Keum. The celebration dinner was held in POSCO International Center. 

▣ Pre-college Life Program for rhe class of 2014

 MSE invited the class of 2014 and successfully held ‘Experience College Life’ that allows them to be acquainted with college life on January 17 – 18 (one night two days). This program for 38 new students including MSE students (22) and those with no major (16) is intended to give them pride as POSTECH MSE members, let them quench their curiosity on material sciences and engineering fields and guide them to select MSE majors. Through the introduction session, Q&A with faculty members, conversation with senior students, campus tour and welcoming dinner, new students had an opportunity to be informed on MSE department. 

▣ 2013 Certificate of Graduation Award Ceremony

 MSE Certificate of Graduation Award Ceremony was successfully held in POSTECH Gymnasium with the graduating students, families, faculty and present students. After the university-wide POSTECH Commencement Ceremony was held from 10 am for two and a half hour, this MSE department event was followed to award diplomas to 19 MS-PhD integrated course, 6 PhD course, 12 MS course and 31 undergraduate course graduates. Also at the event, a Gold Prize of Samsung Electronics Humantech Award was presented to Yang-hee Song (MS-PhD integrated course) and Korea Institute of Materials Science Award to Ji-san Lee (MS-PhD integrated course). All graduating students were celebrated by the audience for entering the society or heading for higher education.

▣ Class of 2014 undergraduate welcome event

 MSE New Undergraduate Student Welcome Event was held on March 8 at Wolpo Beach. This new student welcoming event has been annually held by current students and MSE faculty members to help incoming students adapted to college life. This year, 70 present students and 7 faculty members attended the event and had a great time building close relationships through a variety of activities including a student cooking contest.

▣ Information Session for class of 2014

An information Session for Undergraduate Students was held on April 10 at the Multimedia Lecture Hall in Science Building Ⅰ. Department Chair Prof. Jong-Lam Lee gave an opening remark followed by an introduction of new faculty members, and Prof. Moon-Ho Jo presented a brief introduction of MSE. Subsequently students and faculty members freely exchanged questions and answers. This event allowed about 50 students to ease their concerns on future career and made a request for more similar programs where they can consult worries on overall college life from lectures to career.
 Reflecting student’s request, MSE is planning Mentorship Seminar series where speakers from a variety of fields are invited, the most common concerns and problems of students are shared and solutions are sought from past students who had gone through the same tough patches.