Course Listing
Course Listing
Major requirement AMSE501 Advanced Thermodynamics of Materials
AMSE502 Phase Transformation
AMSE503 Interface Science
AMSE506 Non-crystalline Inorganic Materials
AMSE507 Instruments for Materials Characterization
AMSE508 Research Method in Materials Science and Engineering
AMSE509 Atomistic Simulation
AMSE601 Dislocations & Strengthening Mechanisms
AMSE604 Solid State Reactions and Sintering
AMSE605 Solid State Physics
AMSE606 Statistical Mechanics of Materials
AMSE608 Electron Diffraction & Microscopy
AMSE609 Advanced Electron Microscopy
AMSE611 Experiments for Transmission Electron Microscopy
AMSE612 X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging
AMSE613 Applied Quantum Mechanics
AMSE721 Special Topics in Materials Science A/Z
Major electives (metals) AMSE621 Alloy Design
AMSE624 Deformation Processing of Structural Materials
AMSE625 Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity
AMSE626 Fracture Phenomena and Mechanisms
AMSE627 Fatigue Mechanisms
AMSE628 High Temperature Deformation Behavior of Materials
AMSE633 Corrosion Science
AMSE634 High Temp Oxidation & coating
AMSE638 Structural Materials
AMSE731 Special Topics in Metallurgical Engineering
Major electives (ceramics semiconductor) AMSE521 Organic Electronics for Information and Energy Technologies
AMSE522 Inorganic Materials for Optoelectronics and Applications
AMSE642 Conducting Ceramics
AMSE644 Magnetic Properties of Materials
AMSE645 Optical Properties of Materials
AMSE648 Structure of Thin Films
AMSE649 Photonics Glasses
AMSE650 Piezoelectric/Ferroelectric Materials
AMSE655 Solid-state Electrochemistry and Fuel Cells
AMSE681 Properties of Semiconducting Materials
AMSE682 Surface Analysis and Nano-scale Characterizations
AMSE683 Light Emitting Diodes
AMSE684 Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices
AMSE686 Electrical Properties of Low Dimensional Materials
AMSE741 Special Topics in Ceramics
AMSE742 Special Topics in Electronic Materials
Major electives (polymer) AMSE505 Polymer Engineering
AMSE661 Advanced Polymer Synthesis
AMSE662 Advanced Polymer Physics
AMSE664 Molecular Design of Functional Polymers
AMSE667 Instrument Techniques in Polymer Science
AMSE669 Nano-Biomaterials
Research AMSE699 Master Thesis Research
AMSE899 Doctoral Dissertation Research
AMSE701 MSE Seminar