Master's Program Requirements

- Master's Program Requirements

1) The minimum number of credits required for a master’s degree is 28, of which at least 24 must be course credits and 4 research credits.

2) Take AMSE699 (Master Thesis Research) to fulfill the research credit requirement.

3) Course Credits
a. Major Electives:
- AMSE500, 600 and 700 level courses
- Graduate courses from other departments
- Two 400 level courses from MSE or other departments
(undergraduate courses)
- Total number of credits earned by taking graduate courses of other departments with the S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) grade option and by taking 400 level courses may not exceed 6 credits.

Program requirements listed above apply ONLY to the students who have started their programs after 2015. Students who have started their programs before 2014 need to check the program requirements with an academic advisor.