Education Aim and Overview

1. Education Aim

Through an understanding of the importance of thermodynamics and kinetics - and thus the properties and the synthesis of materials - the department aims to afford students with basic pivotal knowledge in materials science and engineering. Such knowledge spurs developments of highly creative ideas and their practical realizations based on theoretical competence and experimental skill.

2. Program Overview

The Graduate School of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering(MSE) at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) offers Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs.

MSE will continue to focus research on materials deemed critical in the 21st century. Specific research areas, utilizing metals, ceramics, polymers, and electronic materials, include the following:

1. Electronic Materials for Information Technologies.
2. Materials for Energy and Environmental Technologies.
3. Advanced Structural Materials.
4. Clean & Green Ferrous Technologies.
5. Biomaterials.