Department Staff

Son, Pil Dae Administrator
Tel 054-279-3650
- Responsible for all the Administrative Affairs of the Department
- School Affairs and Academic Affairs
- Public Relations’ Affairs
- Faculty Meeting and Committee Support
- Laboratory and Center Support
- Plan/Budget/Event/Fund Management
- BK21+ Project
Shin, Jae Bum
Tel 054-279-5550
- Laboratory Safety Management
- Equipment Repairs and Maintenance
- Purchasing Management and Inspection
- Admissions
Bang, Mi Ra
Tel 054-279-2715
- Academic Affairs
- Student Affairs
- Student Support
- Alumni Management
Kim, So Yi
Tel 054-279-2990
- Research Affairs
- Research Project and Budget Management
- Research Administration and Research Business Management
- Research Fund for Institutes and Centers
- Personnel Management
- General and Administrative Budget Management
Lee, Woong
Tel 054-279-2831
- BK21+ Project and Events
- Website and Gazette Management
- Asset and Space Management
- Regular Seminars and Special Seminars
Kim, Hyoeun
Tel 054-279-3815
- Research Affairs
- Research Expense Report and Document Management
- Business Travel and Expense Report Management
- Bilingual Campus
Kim, Da Young
Tel 054-279-5288
- General Affairs
- General and Administrative Expense Management
- Office Equipment and Supply Management