Name 강병우 (Byoung Woo Kang)
E-mail bwkang@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://amee.postech.ac.kr
Ph.D Massachusetts Institute of Technology
LAB Advanced Materials Lab for Energy and Environment
Specialty Development of active materials for lithium ion batteries, Novel materials of lithium ion batteries, The beyond of lithium ion batteries for energy storages
Name 김선효 (Seon Hyo Kim)
E-mail seonhyo@postech.ac.kr
Ph.D Carnegie-Mellon Univ.
LAB Clean steel and non-ferrous metals processing Lab.
Specialty Study on Characterization of BN Thin Film Synthesis by CVD
Name 김연수 (Youn Soo Kim)
E-mail ysookim@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://hydrogel.postech.ac.kr
Ph.D Univ. of Tokyo
LAB Smart Soft Materials Lab
Specialty Hydrogel actuators, stimuli-responsive polymers,
anisotropic materials, composite materials
Name 김종규 (Jong Kyu Kim)
E-mail kimjk@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://npol.postech.ac.kr
LAB Nano Photonics & Optoelectronics Lab.
Specialty Nano-structured thin films, Solar cells, LEDs for illumination and display
Name 김종환 (Jonghwan Kim)
E-mail jonghwankim@postech.ac.kr
Homepage https://jhklab.weebly.com/
Ph.D University of California, Berkeley
LAB Ultrafast nano-optoelectronics
Specialty Optical spectroscopy of nanomaterial electronic structure, Femtosecond optical spectroscopy, Atomically thin 2D crystal optoelectronics
Name 김형섭 (Hyoung Seop Kim)
E-mail hskim@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://snmpl.postech.ac.kr/
Ph.D Seoul National Univ.
LAB Structural Nano Matals Processing Lab.
Specialty Mechanical properties & Processing of Structural Nanomaterials by multi-scale modeling
Name 박찬경 (Chan Gyung Park)
E-mail cgpark@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://namcl.postech.ac.kr/
Ph.D Northwestern Univ.
LAB Nano Analysis & Microstructure Control Lab.
Specialty Nano-analysis for steels, semiconductors and LEDs Microstructure control for devices
Name 손준우 (Junwoo Son)
E-mail jwson@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://oqml.postech.ac.kr
Ph.D University of California, Santa Barbara
LAB Oxide & Quantum Materials Lab
Specialty Oxide Materials & Devices, Growth of oxide quantum heterostructure for next generation electronic switch
Name 오승수 (Seung Soo Oh)
E-mail soh@molbio.mgh.harvard.edu
Homepage http://ssohlab.weebly.com/
Ph.D University of California, Santa Barbara
LAB Biomolecular Materials Lab
Specialty Molecular Machinery, Protocells, Darwinian Evolution of Materials, Nanobiotechnology, Biomedical applications
Name 이동화 (Donghwa Lee)
E-mail donghwa96@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://cnmd.postech.ac.kr/
Ph.D University of Florida
LAB Computational Nano Materials Design Lab.
Specialty Electronic structure, Thermodynamics and Kinetics of materials, Defect characteristics, Interface characteristics, Chemical reaction, Ferroelectricity
Name 이병주 (Byeong-Joo Lee)
E-mail calphad@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://cmse.postech.ac.kr
Ph.D Seoul National Univ.
LAB Computational Material Science and Engineering Lab.
Specialty Computational Thermodynamics
Name 이성학 (Sung Hak Lee)
E-mail Shlee@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://smat.postech.ac.kr
Ph.D Brown Univ.
LAB Structural Materials Lab.
Specialty Nano Surface Composites Fabricated by Electron-Beam Irradiation, Fracture Mechanics/Dynamic Fracture
Name 이장식 (Jang-Sik Lee)
E-mail jangsik@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://neml.postech.ac.kr
Ph.D Seoul National Univ.
LAB Nano-electronic Materials & Devices Lab.
Specialty Nanostructured nonvolatile memory devices, Self-assembled materials and devices, Flexible/organic nanoelectronic devices
Name 정운룡 (Unyong Jeong)
E-mail ujeong@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://hybrid.postech.ac.kr
LAB Hybrid Nano Materials Lab.
Specialty Understanding the nucleation and growth mechanism of nanomaterials
Name 이종람 (Jong-Lam Lee)
E-mail jllee@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://nddl.postech.ac.kr/
LAB Nano Device and Display Lab.
Specialty Nano LED, Organic LED, Flexible Electronics, Solar Cells, Nano Structure and Nano Devices
Name 제정호 (Jung Ho Je)
E-mail jhje@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://xic.postech.ac.kr
LAB X-ray Imaging Center
Specialty X-ray Imaging, 3-dimensional Nanofabrication
Name 조문호 (Moon-Ho Jo)
E-mail mhjo@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://dmpl.postech.ac.kr/
Ph.D Univ. of Cambridge
LAB Device Materials Physics Lab.
Specialty Si Nano-Optoelectronics/Nano-Photonics/Optoplasmonics Complex Oxides Photonics / Low-Dimensional Thermoelectrics
Name 최시영 (Si-Young Choi)
E-mail youngchoi@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://aefi.postech.ac.kr
LAB Advanced Electron Microscopy & Functional Imaging Laboratory
Specialty Aberration-corrected STEM, Atomic scale imaging and chemical/electronic analysis, In-situ observation and analysis, Study of multifunctional/complex oxides. Development of new analytical technique
Name 한세광 (Sei Kwang Hahn)
E-mail skhanb@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://bnl.postech.ac.kr
LAB Biomedical Nanomaterials Lab.
Specialty Biomedical Materials, Drug Delivery System, Tissue Engineering
Name 허종 (Jong Heo)
E-mail jheo@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://msepgl.postech.ac.kr/
Ph.D Univ. of California, L.A.
LAB Photonic Glasses Lab
Specialty Fiber Amplifier and Laser, Glasses for Display, Nano Materials
Name 황현상 (Hyun Sang Hwang)
E-mail hwanghs@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://www.sidp.kr
Ph.D Univ. of Texas at Austin
LAB Semiconductor integrated device & process Lab.
Specialty Nonvolatile Resistive Memory Device, Neuromorphic Device
Name Rishi Raj (Rishi Raj)
E-mail Rishi.raj@Colorado.EDU
LAB Harvard University
Specialty Colorado University 교수 POSTECH 신소재공학과 석학교수
Name 엄창범 (Eom Chang Beom)
E-mail eom@engr.wisc.edu
LAB Stanford University
Specialty Wisconsin-Madison University 교수 POSTECH 신소재공학과 석학교수
Name 구양모 (Koo yang Mo)
E-mail koo@postech.ac.kr
Ph.D North western Univ.
LAB Advanced X-ray Analysis Lab.
Specialty 금속재료 특성평가
Name 김낙준 (Kim Nack J.)
E-mail njkim@postech.ac.kr
Ph.D Univ. of California, Berkeley
LAB 미세조직 제어 연구실
Specialty 합금설계,상변태및TEM,급냉응고,분말야금,공정개발/이해
Name 이종수 (Lee Chong Soo)
E-mail cslee@postech.ac.kr
Homepage http://csleelab.com
Ph.D Polytechnic Institute of New York University
LAB 피로 및 소성가공 연구실
Specialty 철강 및 Ti합금의 소성가공, 피로, 수소취성, 생체재료개발
Name 백성기 (Baik, Sung Gi)
working period 1986.11.01 ~ 2014.08.31
Name 장영원 (Chang Young Won)
working period 1987.02.16 ~ 2013.08.31
Name 정진철 (Jung Jin Chul)
working period 1988.10.01 ~ 2007.08.31
Name 김유성 (Kim You Song)
working period 1990.01.28 ~ 2000.02.29
Name 권순주 (Soon-Ju Kwon)
working period 1986.09.01 ~ 2016.08.31
Name 진왕철 (Zin Wang Cheol)
working period 1986.10.16 ~ 2013.08.31
Name 최경만 (Gyeong Man Choi)
working period 1988.08.01 ~ 2017.08.31
Name 장현명 (Hyun Myung Jang)
working period 1987.02.16 ~ 2018.02.28