cute bracelets!! LV Women


I like the look of the NF. Its very summery. Louis Vuitton Speedy

 I own 3: mono, azur, ebene - all speedy 30. Louis Vuitton bags 

I love it!! Definitely leave the tag on! (I also use my bandeaus instead of the drawstring on my Petit Noe!) LV Handbags


didn't get the Inspiree either. It wasn't comfortable on my shoulder. The embossed leather is very nice. I can understand the attraction to this line. I actually ended up getting another brown monogram bag, which was not the plan, but I chose the Retiro PM. I just really liked it. LV Purses


I am 5'9". Irl, it looks smaller. Hope the pics help. Buy Sexy Christmas Costume

 Great thread..I had wondered the same thing. Wouldn't it be great if it came in ebene? Big sigh.... Louis Vuitton Women ^^ Thank you everyone again! ashxl, I had to go back on the first page and look at the dust bags, LOL. Louis Vuitton Wholesale .